Artistic Leaders

Gabriel Levy

Gabriel Levy is one of the most sought after musicians and music producers in São Paulo. Accordionist, arranger, composer, educator and producer, Levy has an eclectic background and participated in concerts and CDs alongside important Brazilian and international artists of diferents styles.  He has worked with renowned world music groups such as Mawaca, Orquestra Mundana, MUTRIB and Trio Kagurazaka.

He dedicated to music for theater, dance and scenic performances, alongside important directors. His songwrith was interpretaded for famous artists such as Duo Assad, Yoyo Ma and Paquito d’ Rivera.

Concurrenty, Levy works about education music, coral and ethnic dance; The artist published any texts and books.


Kathryn Doehner

Kathryn is a violin player from Germany. After visiting her first Ethno in Slovenia in 2012 (Etno Histeria) she felt so inspired that she created the awardwinning music project Folkland in her hometown Tübingen.

Kathryn is the musical director of Folklang and has been part of Ethno Germany since its beginnings in the organisation and as an artistic leader. She has participated in many Ethnos (Ethno Catalonia, Rila Music Exchange, Etno Histeria, Ethnofonik, Ethnofonik Allstars).

She is a violin teacher and performs in various projects such as “Triotonal” and the “MIAN Ensemble”. For Kathryn Ethno is like a soft revolution that has tremendous power to transform communities in a positive way – when this kind of social change happens while playing great music with amazing musicians. What better can there be?