Artistic Leader

Suchet Malhotra - Artistic Leader 2019

Suchet Malhotra is a percussionist, music producer and organiser. He plays and performs on instruments from the world’s rhythm cultures – the tabla from India, darbouka from Egypt, the west African djembe, flamenco cajon, Cuban bongos, the Congolese udu drum, the aboriginal didgeridoo, fujara from Slovakia, the native American flute and more. In concert, he brings in cutting-edge technology. He founded Ethno India. Currently, he is the Ethno Global Coordinator.

Carlinhos Antunes - Artistic Leader 2019

Carlinhos Antunes is a singer, songwriter, arranger and instrumentalist. He has 24 works released between CDs, DVDs and documentaries, fruits of its wanderings by 45 countries bringing musicians and. He also directed the documentary “Barka”, in partnership with Márcio Werneck. He is the director of the World Refugee Orchestra, which brings together the world’s top twenty-one – the majority of immigrants.

Gabriel Levy - Artistic Leader 2018

Accordionist, arranger, composer, teacher and musical producer, he has an eclectic formation and has played in concerts and CD records side by side with several different musical styles Brazilian artists. Takes part on works related to world music, as Mawaca, “ Orquesta Mundana”, “ MUTRIB” “ Trio Kagurazaka”, “Waon”, and with the lute’s musician Sami Bordokan. He is also the musical director of the singer Fortuna. He has been acting for ten years as musical director of the musical “Encontro de Culturas do Mundo”, which takes place in Imbassaí, Bahia.

Kathryn Doehner - Artistic Leader 2018

German violonist, created the awarded winner Project “ Folklang” , in Tubingen, her hometown. She is the Folklang’s musical director and is part of the German Ethno since its creation. Violin teacher and artist in projects as the Triotonal and the MIAN Ensemble. To Kathryn, the Ethno is a smooth revolution for those who are fearing the power of changing entire communities in a positive way.