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29 de April de 2019 // Ethno Brazil

Open applications for Ethno Brazil cultural exchange will happen in August between young people from other countrys.

See you the performance showed from the last Ethno France: ‘Até a Lua’, Ana Maria Cavalho’s composition, interpret for several musician including Eduardo Scaramuzza and Germano Falcão.

EthnoFrance 2019 full concert

EthnoFrance 2019 full concert!Recorded live on March 16th, 2019 at Mjc Boby Lapointe, technical facilities provided by Saturne ProductionThe concert starts at 19'11">>>> A musical meeting organised by :Mjc Boby Lapointe JM France @Concesrvatoire Erik Setie de Villebon-sur-Yvette MJC – Théâtre des 3 Vallées de Palaiseau Le Plan MJC.CS de Ris-Orangis Villebon sur Yvette – page officielle. Ville de Palaiseau @fonds musical pour l'enfance et la jeunesse JM International – JMI Ethno World>>>> MUSICIANS :Mr Khaled Abdelli (Algeria) – MandoleMiss Lies Hendrix (Belgium) – MelodeonMr Eduardo Scaramuzza (Brazil) – Berimbau, Mbira, percussionsMr Germanno Falcão Richena (Brazil) – Violin & RabecaMr Edgar Scaramuzza (Brazil) – Eletric bassMr Alan Mackie (Canada) – ViolinMr Horphil Moke Lukabu (Democratic Republic of Congo) – Guitar & VocalsMiss Lucija Maroević (Croatia) – VocalsMiss Marine Gaudron (France) – CelloMr Audran Van-langhenhoven (France) – PercussionsMiss Ophélie Cazes (France) – VocalsMiss Mathilde Mouzon (France) – Flute & TomboneMiss Sara Vicente (Portugal) – DoublebassMiss Alison MacPherson (Scotland) – ViolinMiss Anh Phung (Canada) – FluteMiss Teresa Campos (Portugal) – vocalsMr Nils Peschanski (France) – melodicaMr Nenad Kovacic (Croatia) – percussions>>>> SET LIST :COMPOSITION FOR 3 TUBASComp. Oren Marshall (Switzerland)offered by TeresaSHOWMAN LEFT HIS FIDDLE IN THE VANTrad. (Mississipi)offered by AlanTARA METrad. (Téké, Democratic Republic of Congo)offered by HorphilLA VALSE D’EMILIANATrad. (Occitan, France), arrang. Cocanhaoffered by Marine, Ophélie, Mathilde & AudranLOCHIEL’S AWAY TO FRANCETrad. (Scotland)offered by AlisonSolo : SACIComp. Eduardo Scaramuzza (Brazil)Eduardo & AnaCANTIGAS DE MAIOComp. Zeca Afonso (Portugal)offered by SaraMON DOÇ AMICTrad. (Occitan, France)offered by Hélène OrfèvreINIS OIRR Comp. Thomas Walsh (Ireland)offered by DarraghSolo : BOURRÉE 3 TEMPSTrad. (Auvergne, France)Lies & AlanATE O FIMComp. Ana Maria Carvalho (Northest, Brazil)offered by Eduardo, Germanno & Edgar POLKA VAN HOFSTADETrad. (Flanders)offered by LiesTELT YYAMComp. Lounis Ait Menguellet (Kabylia, Algeria)offered by Khaled—LEPI BROKRES NALAZETrad. (Turopolje, Croatia)Offered by LucijaTELT YYAMComp. Lounis Ait Menguellet (Kabylia, Algeria)offered by Khaled

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