Ethno will be in many countries

06 de March de 2018 // Ethno Brazil

With a record 19 Ethnos taking place this year in as many countries,
Ethno is fast becoming: the Endless Summer of Folk!

Are you thikning of the best way to spend your summer? Filled with music, friendship and travel? Well have we got some options for you! :)

This year we have a whole bunch of new Ethnos popping up on the musical lanscape; the first Ethno of the year has already taken place in New Zealand (first time!) and Ethno India is just around the corner.

Other new Ethnos in 2018 include Algeria, Brazil, Malawi, Solomon Islands and Uganda! We also have  There are also a couple of Ethnos in the pipeline that could pop-up in the near future!

For a complete overview of all 2018′s Ethnos and how to apply, download the Ethno 2018 Booklet by clicking on the link here.