05 de July de 2019 // Ethno Brazil

Young musicians from around the world will meet in Brazil!

The second edition of the festival will be held from August 1st to 13th, 25 selected musicians, aged between 18 and 30 years and coming from all over the world, will meet at Fazenda Serrinha in the interior of São Paulo. During 13 days, the musicians will participate in the second edition of Ethno Brazil, with workshops, workshops, rehearsals and multicultural experiences.

Ethno Festival is promoted by Jeunesses Musicales International (JMI), the world’s largest nonprofit organization dedicated to young music development. Through more than 40,000 musical activities per year, the JMI reaches more than 5 million young people from 80 countries. The organization uses the universal power of music as a tool for empowerment and transformation, seeking to make the world a better place for all.

O Ethno is a program focused on the diffusion of music – contemporary and traditional. Created in 1990, the project is aimed at young musicians with the mission of reviving and keeping alive the global cultural heritage. Present in more than 20 countries, Ethno engages young people through a series of music camps, where workshops, rehearsals and concerts are taken to schools, plazas, theaters and collective spaces, with the aim of promoting peace, cooperation and understanding of the origin culture of the participants.

A central aspect of Ethno is its democratic approach to learning, where young people teach the music of their countries and cultures to others. Ethno adopts a non-formal pedagogy that has been perfected over the last 25 years, embracing the principles of intercultural dialogue and understanding. Ethno offers a unique opportunity for young people from around the world to join in and become democratically involved through music, in a relationship based on respect, generosity and openness.

In 2018, we performed the first edition of Ethno Brazil, whose work generated an incredible teaser.  Access through the link:

As a result of this meeting, multicultural integration activities and 4 free performances will be organized, with a total audience estimated at 1,200 people. In the repertoire of the four presentations of the group about 20 songs from all continents will be presented in single arrangements, drawn up together and, in the end, implemented songs from the traditional Brazilian repertoire, all presented in unprecedented arrangement and formation, bringing together under one and the same stage instruments such as lute, Lyra from Istanbul, bansuri, acordeon, MBira, fife, violins, fiddle, Brazilian and African percussions, among others, besides voices male and female, all harmonized.

The musicians of the festival will have as artistic leaders Carlinhos Antunes, Brazilian multi-performer musician, producer and organizer of the Orchestra Mundana Refugi and Suchet Malhotra, Indian multi-performer musician and festival leader Ethno in different countries and current general coordinator of Ethno World.

For this edition, we invite great professionals: Master Gisele Cruz to perform vocal preparation activities, actress Deborah Lobo to perform activities of body expression and the renowned director Paulo Rogério Lopes, who will organize and script the musical performances of the group.

On August 1st, all participants will arrive at Fazenda Serrinha, in Bragança Paulista. With different times of arrival, everyone will do the first presentation activity in the afternoon. For all the days of the festival different activities will take place during 8 hours a day, with intense participation of all.

The first multicultural integration activity of the group will take place on Sunday, August 4th at Fazenda Serrinha, where the musicians will be integrated into the regional culture of São Paulo, interacting with the guitar player and master of traditional Brazilian culture Bruno Sanches. The second integration activity will be perform at the same day, late afternoon, with the participation of the Fandango de Tamanco Cuitelo, from Capão Bonito. The purpose is that all musicians can know and appropriate the repertoire and the musicians can learn part of the techniques presented, so that taking a little of the São Paulo tradition to their places of origin.

August 9th (Friday):
The first presentation will take place in the Galpão Busca Vida, a multicultural environment in the rural neighborhood of Serrinha, for the local public estimated at 200 people.

August 10th (Saturday):
The second presentation of the group will take place in the city of São Paulo, in the Auditório Ibirapuera, one of the best theaters of the city, for an estimated audience of 400 people.

August 11th (Sunday):
The third presentation will be in an outdoor place on the outer stage of the Teatro Municipal de Cerquilho, located at Rua Ângelo Luvizotto – Centro, Cerquilho – SP. Estimated audience of 300 people.

August 12th (Monday):
The last show will be perform in the city of Sorocaba, in the Teatro Municipal Teotônio Vilela, located at Av. Engenheiro Carlos Reinaldo Mendes. For public exclusively formed by children, adolescents and young people of the public schools of the city and of poles of teaching of the Projeto Guri, estimated in 300 people.